Welcome to Gaia Studio! A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities
Welcome to Gaia Studio!  A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye  At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities 

Workshops and Teacher Trainings

We have some great workshops and trainings coming up this year.  Scroll down to read more about the following: 


- Yogabeez Children's Yoga Teacher Training

- Well Woman's Circle

- Pilates for Runners

- 8 Week Mindfulfness and Well-being Course

- Mudras, Mantras and Mythology

Yogabeez Children's Yoga Teacher Training - with Bryony Duckitt

Module 1 Foundation Course

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children aged 2 - 12 years


Date: 5th - 8th March 2020  (At Peckham Studio)

Date: 26th - 29th June 2020  (At Peckham Studio)

Date: 6th - 9th November 2020  (At Kingston Studio)

Time: 10am - 6pm daily


YogaBeez is a registered Children‘s Yoga School offering a 4-day practical Foundation Course - Teaching Yoga to Children - or a full 95 hour (Foundation and Advanced modules with a mentorship programme and certification, which is accredited with Yoga Alliance.


This 4-day Foundation Teacher training is available to yoga teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, therapists or parents who want to start introducing yoga into the lives of children they work with. It focuses on nursery, preschool and primary school age children, and the foundations for teaching a well-rounded class. YogaBeez incorporates all aspects of the traditional yoga practice blended with Montessori philosophy and works of Howard Gardner and Thich Nhat Hanh to educate, exercise and empower the WHOLE child.


Fee: £600 or early bird fee booked 8 weeks in advance - £550

What we cover in the weekend:

* Explore the brief history of yoga and the 8 fold path
* Stages of Child Development (ages 2-12)
* Learn how to incorporate education and exercise of the “Whole” child
* Explore the educators, yogi's and psychologists who have inspired this program 

* Discuss the ethics of a good teacher yoga teacher
* Discover and practice classroom management skills
* Practice and play with essential warm ups, breathing techniques and child appropriate poses

* Have fun with partner poses and group yoga games
* See how yoga comes to life with music and books
* Experience the joy of affirmations and relaxation
* Observation, discussion, preparation and teaching a class with this age group.

What you will receive:
* 4 days of practical, hands-on children's yoga
* Detailed manual of poses, philosophy, teaching tips, book list, lesson plans and much more

* Lesson plans and ideas to create many more
* Foundation certificate for Teaching Yoga to Children
* Access to Liability insurance
* Continuing education hours if you are registered with Yoga Alliance



Module 2 Advanced Course

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to children and young people/teens. 

Also included yoga for children with additional needs.


Date: 25th - 30th July 2020

Time: 9.30am - 6.30pm daily


This 6-day training and is open to children's yoga teachers who would like to further their knowledge and understanding of children's yoga mindfulness for children ages 3 - 18yrs.


We delve into the world of anatomy and physiology, basic first aid, more advanced poses, mindfulness and meditation for children, writing guided imagery, further classroom management, nutrition and healthy living, social and emotional development, group and partner poses. 
The second half of the training focuses on working with teens, their development (body, brain, social, emotional etc) through the ages 12 – 18yrs. We introduce working with students who have special needs. Explore pranayama, vinyasa, massage and nutrition.

After mind mapping, lesson planning and creating original guided imagery with your group, you will teach a hands-on children's or teen yoga class. Throughout the training your own yoga practice and inner exploration will continue to deepen and we will look further at getting your classes up and running, contacting schools, social media etc. 


Fee: £850 or early bird fee booked 8 weeks in advance - £800

What we cover over 6 days:
* Social and Emotional Development 5 -11 yrs
* Yoga Poses and Breath work suitable for Primary School age
* Anatomy and physiology
* Affirmations and guided imagery
* Mindfulness and meditation for all ages 
* Partner poses and group games
* Nutrition and healthy living
* Props, music and books
* Mind mapping and Lesson planning
* Classroom management
* Anatomy and physiology of adolescents - development through the teens.

* The changes in the brain
* Neuroscience and Mindfulness
* Teen stress and media influence
* Yoga asana and vinyasa
* Pranayama for teens
* Restorative Yoga and Massage
* Chakras, chanting, mudras and mantras
* Intro to Yoga for children with special needs
* Tips for setting up your Yoga practice
* Contacting schools and social media
* Basic first aid, health and safety, insurance,
* Liability release etc. 

Contact details for further info and booking form:

Website: www.yogabeez.com

Email: info@yogabeez.com

Phone:  07941 006285

Well Woman Yoga Circle - with Cecilia Allon

The aim of these monthly workshops is to create a nourishing, nurturing space for woman at all stages of life to connect with themselves and also to sit in a circle of support with other women. The sessions will include deep relaxation in the form of yoga nidra, restorative yoga, delicious, flowing, nourishing movement practices with mudra (hand gestures to direct energy flow) and will end with a chance to chat with herbal tea and chocolate to share.

Sundays: 22nd March, 19th April, 17th May, 14th June 2020 from 5 - 7pm


Investment for this two-hour workshop is £22.50. 


Email yogacec@gmail.com to book.

Pilates for Runners Monthly Workshop - with Wendy Scott

New Date TBC

11am - 12:30pm

Open to runners of all levels from recreational to competitive, whether training for short sprints or long distance or just enjoy the occasional jog!  (No previous Pilates experience necessary).  This workshop will provide you with a take-home Pilates based exercise programme to complement your existing training.  Designed to maintain and enhance your running performance, with focus on optimum technique and the prevention of common running injuries.  

For any further information please email info@gaiastudio.co.uk.

Cost is £20 

Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy for this workshop.

Mudras, Mantras and Mythology - with Bryony Duckitt and Mala-Maya Selvon

Join us for a day of demystifying the ancient mantras and mudras that form the basis of today’s yoga practices. Summon your inner child as you sit back and listen to stories of the most prolific Indian deities and understand more about their meaning and influence. Practice both standing and seated mudras that you can integrate to your own practice.


This workshop is designed for those wishing to deepen their personal practice, teachers of all forms of yoga, students and for those wanting to share with children.


Gathering in this safe and welcoming space we will chant, create, move and learn together in a powerful day of understanding and fun. Includes a vegan Ayurvedic lunch, Mala bracelet making, lesson plans and suggestions to take away.


Spaces are limited.


Date: TBC 2020

Time: 11.30 - 5.30pm

Investment for this workshop is £90

For Bookings Email: info@yogabeez.com

Or more details can be found on www.yogabeez.com

8 Week Mindfulness for Wellbeing course - with Michaela Stewart

Mindfulness is training the mind in a state of awareness. Stepping back to consciously observe thoughts and noticing the patterns of the mind, enabling participants to step out of auto-pilot and appreciate and acknowledge the present moment. 


This 8-week Mindfulness for wellbeing course will be every Friday afternoon at the Gaia Studio, Peckham Rye from 12-2.30pm starting Friday 24th Jan – Friday 13th March. (Please note it will not be possible for participants to miss the first session and should be able to commit to the whole 8 weeks of the course, as far as possible) During the course you will be provided with materials and recordings in order to create your own mindfulness practice at home. 

Expect to be guided through meditation practices from 3mins up to 40mins.  These practices will be done as a group (max.8) but should also be practiced at home in between sessions. 


This course will be led by Michaela Stewart who is trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT, she is supervised by Dr Patrizia Collard one of Europe’s leading and most experience mindfulness teachers and author. 


Cost of this programme is £222 which includes: 

  • X8 2hr guided sessions 
  • X1 weekend mindfulness retreat day (dates will be organised during wk1, as per availability, this is a chance to practice all of the meditations from the duration of the course) 
  • Home practice book and weekly information pack 
  • Recorded audio tracks for home practice 


Please inform Michaela if you are over 65+, unwaged, a full time student, or require a concession price for other purposes with valid I.D, offered at a 15% reduction.


Dates: New Date TBC


Email michaela@thewellbeingscollective.com