Welcome to Gaia Studio! A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities
Welcome to Gaia Studio!  A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye  At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities 

 Pilates at Gaia

At present all our Pilates classes are online.

Just press the button below to take you to our booking system.

(All online classes and packs reduced to £11.50 per class)


We run a variety of drop-in classes throughout the week.  No need to commit to a block, just book in when you can.  


We offer mixed ability classes suitable for all levels, including beginners.  


We do also offer a dedictated beginners class. You can either just pay for a single class, or purchase a pack of 5 or 10 classes.

8 week courses

For those who don't shy away from commitment! We run pilates courses suitable for those who want a challenge and  progressed.


We have 4 sessions to choose from - Tuesday 750pm, Wednesday 750pm, Thursday 8pm or Saturday 2pm. COURSES ON HOLD FOR NOW.





One-to-one sessions

Looking for a more tailored individual session? If so we also offer private pilates sessions which can be booked via our online booking system.  We offer a pack of 5 for a discounted price.


If you can't see a time slot that suits you just email us and we wil try to accommodate you.  


We can also arrange visits to your own home if required.




Single Sessions

Single class - £14

1:1 pilates at studio (based on one person) - £55

1:1 pilates at home (based on one person) - £60

Packs / Course

Pack of 5 group classes - £62.5 

Pack of 10 group classes - £115 

Pack of 5 one-to-one sessions - £250

8 week course - £92

Please note we have a 12 hour cancellation policy for our drop in classes and private sessions.