Welcome to Gaia Studio! A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities
Welcome to Gaia Studio!  A boutique Yoga and Pilates studio in Peckham Rye  At Gaia, our vision is to provide a variety of yoga and pilates classes for all ages and abilities 

Who is Gaia? 


Bryony Duckitt

Co-Owner, Children's Yoga and teacher trainings

Bryony originally trained as a Montessori teacher and became inspired to focus on Children's Yoga after bringing some of her own yoga and mindfulness practice into the classroom. She has trained and practiced yoga with some incredible teachers including Thich Nhat Hahn, Rod Stryker, Judith Lasater, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Wennig, Joe Barnett, Shiva Rae, Donna Farhi and Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik. The children themselves have been her greatest teachers. Bryony is the founder of YogaBeez Children's Yoga School and runs Teacher Trainings - Yoga and Mindfulness for children and young people - in UK, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Vienna and South Africa but loves her small intimate trainings at Gaia best!  See details below for her teacher trainings, children's yoga classes and Men's yoga at Gaia.





Wendy Scott

Co-Owner and Pilates Teacher

Having enjoyed practising Pilates for many years Wendy was inspired to train as a teacher in 2008 after noticing the many health benefits and positive body changes the Pilates method can offer.  She qualified with the respected Body Contol Pilates school in London and continuously attends trainings and workshops to grow her knowledge of the pilates method.  Wendy is qualified in all aspects of pre and postnatal Pilates, Bone Health and also specialises in Pilates for Runners.  Alongside mat pilates Wendy also teachers Reformer pilates in various studios around London.


Pilates classes throughout the week - see Pilates page for details

Wendy teaches her Pilates classes from both a remedial and wellness perspective - with focus on releasing tension, strenthening and aligning bodies and concentrating minds. 


Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings

See workshop page for dates

Website: www.yogabeez.com


YogaBeez Children's Yoga Classes



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Tuesday 11am and Thursday 3pm each week

Suitable for the whole family 3 - 10 and older if they are feeling playful. 


Email: info@yogabeez.com

These children's classes aim to provide children of all ages with a rewarding physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual experience by incorporating the core values of Traditional Yoga, Mindfulness and the Montessori Teaching Method. Children's Yoga is built on the foundation of respect for the child as an individual, creative being and emphasis is placed on educating, empowering and exercising the WHOLE child. These fun classes often follow a story line or theme finding creative ways to explore yoga poses, breath, wellbeing, compassion, mindfulness and relaxation.



Teachers and Class Descriptions

Michaela Stewart 

Email : michaelarosestewart@hotmail.co.uk


Monday 6:45pm - Hatha Yoga 

Monday 8:15pm - Hatha Yoga 

Sunday 9.30 - 10.30am - Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Michaela’s Yoga journey began at age 18, trying out a local class with her mum in her home town of South Shields, since then she’s been hooked and loves to try different styles and different teachers to continuously draw inspiration from. In 2013 she trained with the Yoga Professionals in London and has also studied Mindfulness-Meditation with the British Mindfulness Institute.  Michaela’s new class is aimed at all levels, welcoming in beginners and those wishing to get back into their yoga practice. These sessions will build upon fundamental yoga poses in a gentle vinyasa flow. Incorporating mindfulness, Michaela will be sure to lead you back to a place of calm and stillness

Kam-lyn Chak

Email : kamlyn.chak@gmail.com

Mondays 5:15pm - Tween/Teen Yoga ages 11 - 16 yrs


Kamlyn has been practicing yoga for many years and trained through YogaBeez to teach children and teenagers in 2014. She teaches many classes across London in nursery and primary schools. 


Aimed at children 4 - 6 and 7 - 10 years, Kamlyn's classes incorporates breathing exercises, yoga stories and cooperative learning to bring yoga to children in a safe, supportive environment. Children are encourages to be creative, respectful and embodied.

Jane Dunford

Email : jane_dunford@yahoo.co.uk

Wednesday 8 - 9am - Rise and Shine Hatha Flow 


Jane has been practising various styles of yoga for over 15 years and trained in Yin and Yang with the Yoga Academy, run by Simon Low. Having witnessed the positive physical and mental changes yoga can bring to anybody, whatever their age and fitness levels, she’s keen to share her passion. In her classes she aims to create balance and restore a sense of deep wellbeing. Suitable for all levels this class combines a more dynamic flowing practise (yang) with some restorative, longer held postures (yin) to help open the body, release tension and focus the mind. A great way to start the day!

Kate Francis

Email : kate.francis77@gmail.com

Wednesday 10 - 11am - Baby Massage

Wednesday 11.15 - 12.15pm - Post Natal Yoga

Wednesday 4.15 - 5.15pm - Teen Yoga


Kate has been passionately practicing yoga for many years and completed her 200hr YTT with Sun Power Yoga in 2015. Shortly after having her own children Kate started her training with YogaBeez, as a children's yoga teacher to share her love of yoga with children of all ages. Having realised that many local high schools still don't offer yoga to their students who need it now more than ever, she recently also completed her advanced teacher training - to focus on teaching yoga and mindfulness to teens. Kate is a fully qualified baby massage practitioner and a local mum of two! She is also a qualified yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy and post-natal yoga and adult vinyasa yoga.


Kate's Teen Yoga classes focus on breath awareness, mindfulness, movement and relaxation to support healthy happy teens.


Baby Massage is a wonderful way to connect with your baby! It can also improve sleep and helps to relieve the effects of colic, teething, constipation and wind. Baby massage is completely safe and can be practiced on newborns. As studio space is limited, booking is essential. Baby massage classes run in 4week blocks (starting 15th Jan). Please note, there isn't space for buggy's inside the studio. 

Post-natal Yoga (from 8wks) can support the healing process post birth, especially for the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, and helps to stabilise and realign the pelvis after pregnancy. It is also a brilliant way to help new mums to feel calm and grounded and can provide a wonderful bonding experience both between both mum & baby, and with other new parents in the community.
Please enquiries and bookings please contact Kate directly to book your space in: 07852573335

Emma Davidson

Email : minimindful.yoga@gmail.com

Thursday 5 - 6pm - Children's Yoga


Emma has over nine years’ experience as a qualified primary and early years teacher and has been practicing yoga herself for many years. During her time working in challenging inner city schools, Emma began to explore yoga in her classroom by introducing breathing exercises. She immediately noticed the positive effect these had on the children’s ability to manage emotions, focus on their learning and feel calm and relaxed. 


Emma trained with Yogabeez in 2019, allowing her to combine her passion for working with children and her love of yoga, and has since been teaching children’s yoga in London primary schools. Her classes explore all aspects of yoga through engaging themes, adventures, activities and stories, which aim to nurture and empower young minds and bodies whilst having fun.


Hana Vencovska

Email : vinnie.v@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday 6:40pm & Saturday 9:30am - Pregnancy Yoga

Thursday 8pm & Saturday 11am - Hatha Yoga - see details below 

Website: https://www.yogahana.co.uk


Hana took her first yoga class in 2003. She has since practiced and studied different aspects of this ancient practice with various teachers and schools both in the UK and abroad. Over the years, she has been influenced by several traditions including alignment-based Iyengar and Anusara yoga as well as dynamic Dharma Mittra and Vinyasa Flow practice. She completed her 200 hours Teacher Training in 2010 and her 500 hours Advanced Teacher Training in 2014 with Bridget Woods Kramer's School of Yoga. In 2013 Hana also successfully graduated form Nadia Narrain's Pregnancy and Postnatal Training at Triyoga London.


Pregnancy Yoga

Designed to keep you fit, mobile and energised so that you feel more comfortable in your skin while your body undergoes an amazing transformation. With active exercises we keep the body strong and supple to facilitate labour and aid recovery after birth; we relieve minor ailments common during pregnancy; we work on the breath to connect you with your growing bump and to aid relaxation. We remember to smile, have a bit of fun and express gratitude for our fabulous bodies!


Hatha Yoga

Soulful Thursdays

This soulful, downtempo evening class begins with balancing pranayama practice, moving into a steady sequence that focuses on breath to optimise energy flow throughout the entire body. The practice culminates with spacious meditation and sweet savasana. Walk away feeling grounded, quiet and deeply nourished.

Sacred Saturdays

Brighten your Saturday with this fluid, radiant mid-morning practice. The class is a  pulsation of standing poses, heart and hip openers with occasional arm balance and inversion, all woven on the thread of the breath. Learn the basics of a Namaskara flow with healthy biomechanics for your body that will allow you to harmoniously open.  This 75-minute class increases vitality, clarifies the mind and kindles the fire of the heart to blaze more brightly.


Please note that Hana's classes can now be booked directly via her website: https://www.yogahana.co.uk

Nataliya Potopalska

Email : natapower@gmail.com

Friday 10am - Forest Inspired Yoga

For online booking: https://www.natayoga.co.uk/classes#tmup=/p/1583002-blitzq/


Nataliya had her first introduction to yoga in early 2000 as part of a recovery program in her elite orienteering career. Practicing yoga on and off helped her heal her body and she soon realised that she wanted to share this amazing practice with others. Nataliya trained as a Hot Power yoga teacher with Dylan Ayaloo. Nataliya is also a doTERRA wellness advocate. She brings nature into her classes, Adding essential oils into the practice to increase, expand and deepen one's practice. It harmonises our balance of mind and body.


Power Yoga classes are designed to deepen the breath, challenge the body and calm the mind. Well planned series of postures will synchronise breath with movement. Hot Power yoga is a modern style of Vinyasa flow. The class is based on the Baron Baptiste method, yet it is more varied and playful. This practice will get you feeling really amazing in your body and connected to your breath. Perfect balance between dynamic movements, physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation will leave you feeling refreshed. Hands on assisting will deepen the experience of each posture and encourage you to release the tension. Suitable for complete beginners, yoga fans, and great for those recovering from injuries.